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Synergy Surrogacy Agency is composed of experts who are dedicated to assisting aspiring parents and gestational carriers throughout the surrogacy process. Under the leadership of Lisa Whalen, we are able to provide quality services to help clients successfully start a family.

About Lisa Whalen

Our founder, Lisa, has been a surrogate four times. During her past pregnancies, she has witnessed the happiness of intended parents as soon as they receive their little bundle of joy. To help more couples grow their families and achieve fulfillment, she started Synergy Surrogacy Agency.

As a mother of three, she also knows the joys and pains of parenthood. Her family is everything to her, so she understands why some clients badly want children. This drives her to help couples and surrogates as best as she could.


Lisa has a degree in business and has been working in the surrogacy industry for more than five years. She leverages her skills and expertise in both to deliver outstanding services to our clients, working with honesty and integrity throughout the whole process.

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