Creating Hope, Building Families

A Trusted Surrogacy Agency

Creating Hope, Building Families

A Trusted Surrogacy Agency

Premier Surrogacy Services for Aspiring Parents and Surrogates

At Integrative Surrogacy in Southern, California, building families is our mission. We specialize in providing services that make it safer and easier for individuals, couples, and gestational carriers who are interested in this life-changing journey.

About Us

Our company serves as a coordinator for couples who need an alternative method of conceiving a child and surrogates. As dedicated professionals, we will act as both a resource and support for parents and child-bearers throughout the whole process. We’ll make sure that each party is informed, comfortable, and safe even after the birth of the child.

Why Choose Us

For Intended Parents

Our surrogacy agency employs a team-oriented approach to provide an unparalleled level of integrity, support, and compassion for couples. We’ll make sure to address your needs and match you with an ideal surrogate.

For Gestational Carriers

We take into consideration everything to make your pregnancy an easy and worthwhile experience. With our team of medical professionals, midwives, therapists, and other experts, we work together to ensure that every gestational carrier remains healthy in both body and mind. That is why our past surrogates have described their experience with our program as life-changing, fulfilling, and purposeful.

Reach Out to Us

For more details about our services, please reach out to us. We look forward to helping you start a family.